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May 2012 - Introduction of the TS05 system for monitoring ceramic firing processes in tunnel kilns

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PhoenixTM introduce the TS05 system for monitoring ceramic firing processes in tunnel kilns at the ‘Ceramitec’ Trade Fair in Munich.

Temperature profiling in tunnel kilns has many advantages, among these are:

  • Checks thermal ‘balance’ of ware on kiln car - side to side, and top to bottom
  • Tracks down firing problems quickly, including ‘dunting’ (cooling cracks).
  • Optimizes the firing cycle -  highest quality at maximum output
  • Cuts development time by quickly establishing the correct firing profile for new products.

The PhoenixTM Tunnel Kiln Profiling System is designed for brick, sanitary ware, pottery, and refractory firing processes. These systems have been designed specifically for ease of use in tunnel kilns where space below the kiln car is limited, durations are long, and temperatures beneath the kiln car can be high.

The TS05 thermal barrier features include:

  • Low height for mounting in limited space beneath the kiln car.
  • Side opening for easy access to data logger
  • Detachable thermocouple sockets for remote mounting on kiln car.
  • Individual thermocouple plug connection to data logger allows easy fitting outside thermal barrier.

Michael Taake, director of PhoenixTM GmbH, said “the Ceramitec Fair was a great place to launch the new system, we generated a lot of leads and sales of at least two systems are directly attributable to our participation”.