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Heat treatment, NADCAP / AMS2750E furnace surveying, furnace calibration

Developed for profiling and furnace surveying to NADCAP / AMS2750E specifications in processes such as low pressure carburizing etc., where process temperatures can reach up to 1100°C, the PhoenixTM High Temperature Profiling and Surveying System is built to withstand the harsh atmospheres and temperatures found in many heat treatment processes.



This System combines either the TS02-250-1, or the TS02-300-1 thermal barriers, the PTM1 series data loggers with up to 20 channels in a single data logger, and PhoenixTM Thermal View Plus software. Combined with a RF telemetry option, and a range of PhoenixTM mineral insulated thermocouples this is a robust, accurate, system which is ideal for critical profiling and surveying operations.

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