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Aluminium solution treatment and age hardening (T6) processes

After casting, products such as road wheels, cylinder heads, brake callipers, etc. are strengthened by solution treatment and age hardening (T6). This involves heating the aluminium castings to a specified temperature, quenching in water, then reheating. Due to the route the products take through continuous furnaces, temperature profiling is difficult. Where temperature profiling is a requirement, or where a temperature survey is needed to prove compliance to a heat treatment specification (CQI-9, etc.), the PhoenixTM High Temperature Water Quench System is the answer



The System combines the TS06-215-1 thermal barrier, with a choice of either a 6, or 10 channel PTM1 series high temperature data logger, and PhoenixTM Thermal View Plus software. Add to this system the range of high accuracy PhoenixTM MI thermocouples and you have a robust and accurate temperature monitoring system for profiling or CQI-9 compliance , etc...

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