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Company Info

PhoenixTM has evolved to bring innovation, quality and simplicity to the process of temperature profiling.

Temperature profiling products through a heat treatment, finishing, or firing processes is achieved by attaching thermocouples to the critical points of the product, connecting these probes to a Data Logger, and by protecting the Data Logger with a Thermal Barrier, the whole system can travel through the heat treatment process together with the product.

In this way the true product temperature is monitored and stored for later analysis.  Design of the monitoring system from the thermocouples, through to the Thermal Barrier is critical as this electronic measuring device is required to monitor product temperatures with a high degree of accuracy while resisting extremes of temperature, atmospheres, and pressure.

With over 60 years of combined temperature profiling experience,the senior PhoenixTM personnel have a deep understanding of all aspects of the design of products for these industries, and most importantly, have good knowledge of the processes in which they will be used. 

Customers can be assured that temperature monitoring systems supplied by PhoenixTM will have true experience designed into them, will be built to the highest quality standards, but will also be easy for operators to use.