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PhoenixTM Launches New Optic System - Innovative Optical Profiling

New PhoenixTM Optic System…………Optical Profiling of Your CAB and Vacuum Brazing Furnaces    PhoenixTM has complemented its existing range of ‘Thru-process’ temperature profiling systems with the exciting innovative new “Optic system” for use in continuous Brazing furnaces. The unique system allows for the first-time process engineers to view the inner workings…

PhoenixTM Luanch New ATEX Approved Finishing System

PhoenixTM is pleased to announce the launch of its new unique ATEX certified Finsihing system. The system is designed for safe temperature monitoring of paint ovens that are ATEX  classified (Gas Zone2).

PhoenixTM Add New ATEX Finishing System Brochure

To promote the new ATEX certified Finsihing Thru-process tempertaure profiling system PhoenixTM has introduced a new ATEX Finishing brochure.

New Editorial in Iron & Steel Today Magazine

Read the new published editorial in Iron and Steel Today Magazine Nov 2019 "Thru-process tempertaure profiling for heat treat efficiency"

PhoenixTM Achieves UKAS accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2017

PhoenixTM is proud to announce that the UK Calibration Laboratory (Lab No: 10560)  has achieved UKAS acreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (March 15 2019).

Jerram Dawes joins PhoenixTM as Sales Manager March 2019

Phoenix TM are pleased to announce that Jerram Dawes has joined our team as Sales Manager March 2019. Jerram comes with significant experinece of 'Thru-process' temperature profiling in the Heat Treatment and Finishing Industries. We wish Jerram every success in his new role.

New Customer Feedback Form

At PhoenixTM we value our customers feedback. We want to give you the opportunity to let us know what we are getting right, and what is important to you. See Attached Customer Feedback Form with links to an alternative digital form.

Michael Handscombe Joins PhoenixTM as National and International Sales Manager

We are pleased to announce that Mike Handscombe has recently joined Phoenix Temperature Measurement as National & International Sales Manager. (Press Release Attached)

Come See PhoenixTM at Thermal Processing in Motion - Conference and Exhibition

Come and see PhoenixTM systems at the  Thermal Processing in Motion - Conference and Exhibition Including the 4th International Conference on Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering Spartanburg Marriott, 299 North Church Street, Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA June 5-7, 2018 Table Top No 32

New PhoenixTM Privacy Notice - (GDPR) 25 May 2018

Here at PhoenixTM we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and provide the products and services you have requested from us. The following document provides detail of PhoenixTM’s privacy notice explaining how customer personal data is to be processed as part of…

September 2017 - New PTM1200 data logger configuration

The new Lambda data logger introduces additional system configuration flexibility to the PhoenixTM product range.  Available in Type K,N,T,J,R,S and B thermocouple options, the Lambda data logger is the latest addition to the PTM1200 data logger family.  The data logger is available with optional Two Way RF communication, Bluetooth connectivity…

New PhoenixTM data logger - more features - same reliability

Based on the dependable PTM1000 series data loggers, the new PTM1200 generation with 6, 10, & 20 thermocouple channel variations has many new features

PhoenixTM supplies biggest ‘Hot Box’ system yet to major steel wire manufacturer

PhoenixTM supplies biggest ‘Hot Box’ system yet to major steel wire manufacturer A major steel coil manufacturer has taken delivery of a ‘hot box’ system to monitor the temperature of steel wire coils through their annealing process. This is the biggest system that PhoenixTM has built to date and has been…

June 2015 – PhoenixTM System For Oil Quench

Combining industry leading  application experience with an innovative approach to new product design, has created another industry first for PhoenixTM. Using the new PhoenixTM TS12 Series of thermal barriers (Patent Pending GB1509136.6) it is now possible to use an in process temperature monitoring system to reliably and repeatedly monitor a…

June 2015 – PhoenixTM Relocates UK Office

PhoenixTM moved to new premises on the 18th of June 2015. The new premises have been extensively customised and refurbished to support plans for continued business development. Having outgrown the original office, the new premises triple current office and production space and will include a new temperature controlled test and calibration facility…

December 2014 - PhoenixTM Rotating Solution

In some heat treatment processes the product rotates as it passes through the heat treatment process.  In such processes mounting the profiling system on or in the product is the only way to maintain thermocouple positioning throughout the process.  The TS57 range features graded insulation layers and a rotating venting…

October 2014 – PhoenixTM LLC attends FNA exhibition

PhoenixTM LLC attended Furnaces North America in October.  Ian Budden the President of PhoenixTM commented “The exhibition was very well attended, the quality and volume of visitors to our stand was excellent and surpassed our expectations.  A number of orders are expected in the short term as a direct result…

September 2014 – TS08 Thermal Barrier hits 2000 cycle milestone

A major manufacturer has reported over 2000 cycles with the PhoenixTM TS08 thermal barrier. Designed specifically for use in CAB processes, PhoenixTM  introduced the TS08 thermal barrier range in 2011. The TS08 thermal barrier insulation is back filled with nitrogen and the unique design means that there is no exposed insulation cloth,…

September 2014- PhoenixTM Launch New High Temperature 6 Channel Data Logger

Available in Type K,N,T,J,R,S and B with the option to include real time telemetry, the addition of the new 6 channel High Temperature Logger provides enhanced configuration options to PhoenixTM customers.  The reduced logger size has been achieved without compromise to performance or accuracy, allowing for increased thermal barrier design…

June 2014 - Finishing software released

Dedicated software designed specifically to support paint and powder coating applications.  The software features advanced analysis capability to aid the optimisation of the curing process and provides instant visual confirmation with a graphical user interface of compliance to curing specification and a one page report for archiving and process traceability.

February 2014 - External Logger launched for surveying

The addition of an external data logger allows PhoenixTM to provide a dedicated solution for Temperature Uniformity Surveying (TUS)  applications that do not require or are unable to support an in-process system.  The PTM3-020 has 20 thermocouple channels which can be configured to suit individual customer requirements, supports real time…

January 2014 - Survey Software Launched

Dedicated software for use in conjunction with our in-process data loggers and Thermal Barriers giving a unique graphical approach to recording and analysing Temperature Uniformity Surveys (TUS).  The software is designed to allow easy set up and control of the temperature uniformity survey in real time with instant AMS2750E /…

January 2014 - Introduction of Type B and Type T loggers.

PhoenixTM introduce Type B and Type T data loggers.  

August 2013 - Another industry first.

In another industry first, PhoenixTM launch the first in-process 20 channel system capable of supporting two different thermocouple types.  Customers are now able to buy a 20 channel in-process system supporting 10 thermocouple channels for each thermocouple type.  Great for Ceramic customers with requirements for Type K and R/S and…

July 2013 - PhoenixTM attend Thermotec Japan

The innovative range of thermal barriers and flexible data logger configuration options, generated significant interest from new and existing users of in-process profiling/surveying systems.  

January 2013 - Multiple Real Time Logger Support

PhoenixTM are now able to offer 60 channel real time profiling/surveying.  PhoenixTM have become the first manufacturer of in-process profiling/surveying systems to allow users to receive and analyse data recorded from three 20 channel data loggers.

January 2013 - Type J data logger added to the PhoenixTM range

PhoenixTM add a Type J data logger to the existing  Type K,N,R and S range.

October 2012 - PhoenixTM LLC. Registered in the USA

PhoenixTM have now opened for business in the USA! Our offices at Clearwater Florida will offer our North American customers a local contact point and also allows us to hold stock of equipment in the USA. This means a fast turnaround of loaner equipment while customers units are serviced or…

September 2012 - Launch of Food System

PhoenixTM launch the Food Profiling System.  Utilising the all new TS14 range of thermal barriers and “NT” data loggers, the system is supported by industry specific analysis software and thermocouples.  The multi channel Food Profiling system is  able to measure product temperatures  in fryers, steam cookers, chillers and blast  freezers.

September 2012 - PhoenixTM introduce Japanese software

To support the ongoing development of the PhoenixTM business worldwide, Japanese software has been added to the extensive list of languages already available which include: English, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish

July 2012 - PhoenixTM introduce ability to add thermocouple and logger correction factors

Used predominantly in surveying application to support the requirements of industry standards such as AMS2750,  this allows users to apply calibration offsets which are then added or subtracted from incoming data to give corrected readings.

July 2012 - New Type R/S Data Logger

Launched to support the new HTS05 system for ceramic firing applications, the new Type R/S data loggers are available in 6, 10 and 20 channel versions with a measurement range of 0°C to 1760°C.  As with all PTM1 series data loggers, the new Type R/S version is manufactured with a…

May 2012 - Introduction of the TS05 system for monitoring ceramic firing processes in tunnel kilns

              PhoenixTM introduce the TS05 system for monitoring ceramic firing processes in tunnel kilns at the ‘Ceramitec’ Trade Fair in Munich. Temperature profiling in tunnel kilns has many advantages, among these are: Checks thermal ‘balance’ of ware on kiln car - side to side, and top to bottom Tracks down firing problems quickly, including…

March 2012 - New thermal barrier developed for aluminium brazing process.

PhoenixTM have developed a new thermal barrier which has been designed to operate in semi-continuous vacuum furnaces where parts for the automobile industry, especially oil cooler units, are brazed. The new thermal barrier has increased thermal capacity thanks to a new design of reflector plate, and special heat sink ‘lifts’…

Introduction of the 'Compact' 6-Channel Data Logger

PhoenixTM (Phoenix Temperature Measurement), specialising in industrial temperature profiling systems, introduce their new 'Compact' 6-Channel Data Logger. All PhoenixTM Data Loggers are designed and manufactured for use in industrial processes, and the new 'Compact' six channel logger has curing processes in the paint finishing industry specifically in mind. The PTM1006 Compact…

Introduction of TS07 Thermal Barrier for Slab Reheat Processes

PhoenixTM (Phoenix Temperature Measurement), specialising in industrial temperature profiling systems, introduce their TS07 system for measuring stock temperature in slab reheat furnaces in the steel industry. To verify the theoretical temperature data from mathematical models which control reheat furnaces, trials are often carried out in which a data logging system is…