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External Data Logger

PhoenixTM design instrumentation for use in industrial processes. At PhoenixTM we believe that Data Loggers for furnace surveying must be built to operate in harsh environments while maintaining accuracy throughout their operating temperature range.

  • Ease of use. There are no complex keypad programming sequences, just a simple set up screen in the comprehensive survey software package supplied with the system.
  • PhoenixTM Data Loggers are rugged and are able to operate in heat treatment shops that may be hot, dusty, and humid. A tough stainless steel casing is able to mechanically protect the electronics in an industrial environment.
  • High accuracy. All Phoenix Temperature Measurement loggers meet and exceed the demanding accuracy requirements of aerospace and automobile heat treating specifications such as AMS2750E and CQI-9.
  • The PTM 3020 Data Logger has been designed to use standard, off-the-shelf alkaline batteries. It requires no external power source, making it a truly free standing instrument.
  • Real time data transmission via USB cable to a PC as standard. Optional RF Telemetry output from a built in transmitter is possible which allows transmission to a remote office for example.
  • The thermocouple inputs of the PTM3-020 can be configured in various combinations to suit different thermocouple types. (E.g. type K, type N, type S, type R etc.). Please contact PhoenixTM for more information.

Technical Specifications

Channels available 20
Thermocouple type K N S/R
Measurement range -148°F to 2498°F -148°F to 2372°F 32°F to 3200°F
Accuracy ±0.5°F ±1.3°F
Resolution 0.2°F
Memory Up to 440,000 depending upon number of channels selected
Sample interval 0.5 seconds to 60 minutes
Real time options Via USB as standard or via RF telemetry option
Start trigger Time, temperature, start button or software
Battery Type 4 x 'AA' Alkaline replaceable batteries
Battery life 500 hours*
Operating temperature 32°F to 130°F
Thermocouple connection Miniature and standard plugs