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RF Telemetry

The PhoenixTM telemetry system uses ZigBee protocol with a channel setting that does not overlap with other wireless communications. Outside the furnace wireless mesh networks allow receipt and re-transmission of data through a variety of router configurations which find the strongest path allowing self healing of the radio network if part of the system is removed. It is robust and reliable, self-configuring and provides a simple, cost-effective and battery-efficient system. It is also a true wireless system needing no cable between the coordinator and routers.

In practice (in a heat treatment plant for example), a series of routers can pick up and re-broadcast data being transmitted from within a furnace, to a remote office where the operator can monitor the survey.


  • Uses ZigBee protocol, routers can be added / removed with no additional system configuration
  • True wireless system, no interconnecting wires between routers
  • Tough machined aluminum case for router and coordinators
  • Uses standard batteries or standard mains adaptors
  • All standard USB connections and connecting cables to PC


Data Logger
TXR-1000 router
TXR-1001 coordinator
 Data LoggerRouterCoordinator
Model Number: PTM1000-TX Series TXR1000 TXR1001
Frequency: 2.4 Ghz
Power Output: Up to 2mW
Transmission Speed: 250kbits/sec.
Transmission Range: 500'+in free space
Software required: Thermal View Plus
Power Source: Data Logger batteries 2 x 'AA' Alkaline replaceable batteries
or USB mains power adaptor
USB (From PC)
Wall Bracket   AC40-008  
Recommended operating temperature range: See data logger specification -40°F to +185°F -40°F to +185°F