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All Phoenix TM thermocouples are manufactured to the highest quality standards and conform to the ANSI MC96.1 special limits specification. The insulation material and the plug terminations are color coded to conform to the IEC 60584 standard.

For low temperature applications (up to 480°F) such as paint and powder coat curing in the finishing industry, various types of thermocouples are available; these include magnetic fixing for steel substrates and clamp fixings for non ferrous surfaces. Air and surface thermocouples are available in both magnetic and clamp type probes. 

The thermocouple construction is designed to withstand rough handling, the type K, PTFE insulated wires are triple wrapped with stainless steel braid, and have a final overall PTFE insulation 

Heavy duty exposed junction thermocouples with PTFE insulation are also available in the low temperature range. 

Thermocouples for the finishing industry have a unique design of removable sensor (magnetic and clamp) so that when the insulated cable wears, it can be replaced without the need to buy a complete assembly. This results in high potential savings. 

For high temperature applications (up to 2370°F) PhoenixTM supply a range of  mineral insulated thermocouples terminated with a high temperature miniature plug. These thermocouples have an insulated hot junction to ensure maximum protection against electrical interference from heating elements within the furnace. 

Diameters of the mineral insulated thermocouples range from 1/16'' - for general purpose heat treatment applications to 1/8'' for slab and billet re-heat applications 

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