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Aluminum brazing / controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB)

Working in the aluminum industry where products such as radiators, condensers, heater cores, and oil coolers, etc. are manufactured, the TS08 system has been developed to withstand the harsh conditions in CAB (controlled atmosphere brazing) furnaces where temperatures reach 1110°F. This system consistently collects accurate temperature data from critical points around the product.



The PTM1-010 data logger at the heart of this system is protected in the furnace by the TS08 Thermal Barrier, which has been designed so that it will resist attack from hydrofluoric acid which destroys most Thermal Barriers used in these processes. The insulation inside the barrier is pre-filled with nitrogen to minimize oxygen levels inside the barrier, which may lead to the formation of moisture. The Brazing System for CAB furnaces combines the TS08-125-1 Thermal Barrier, the PTM1-010 Data Logger, and PhoenixTM Thermal View Plus software together with an RF telemetry option and a range of PhoenixTM mineral insulated thermocouples to give a robust, accurate, system which is ideal for everyday usage in CAB furnaces.

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