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PV Solar - Contact firing temperature monitoring systems

PV solar cell manufacture, the contact firing process creates the connection between the silver contacts and the silicon cell. If the time/temperature curve is not correct then the resistance at this point will be affected and therefore the overall efficiency of the cell. This is a fast process comprising several critical stages including a burn out phase, a high temperature firing phase and a cooling phase. Monitoring the thermal profile of this process is therefore critical to the quality of the finished product, which is why the profiling system must be accurate, able to collect data at a fast rate, and should have the ability to withstand the repeated heating and cooling cycles when setting up or monitoring furnace performance. At less than 2,2lb, the PhoenixTM system is less than 75% of the mass of major competitive systems.



The system features a 6 channel low profile data logger with fast data collection rate for maximum data resolution. The ultra low profile thermal barrier (0,75'') has a unique with magnetic closure system for easy opening after the process. The temperature profiling system is completed by a full analysis software package, low thermal mass mineral insulated (MI) thermocouples, and a thermocouple clamp to attach the probes to the PV cell.

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