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Food Processing

Designed specifically for the food industry, the multi channel PhoenixTM Food Profiling System measures the exact temperature of product as is passes through the cooking, chilling or freezing process. The waterproof data logger is protected in the process by the TS14 series thermal barrier which is suitable for use in fryers, steam cookers, chillers and blast freezers. The PhoenixTM food profiling system combines the TS14 series thermal barrier, with a choice of a 6, or 10 channel PTM1000 series data logger, and PhoenixTM Thermal View Plus software.



The TC70/71 thermocouples are a critical part of this system. These stainless steel tipped needle type thermocouples, comply with ANSI MC96.1 (special limits) specification. The operating temperature of the TC70/71 is up to 510°F, and they have an optional locking collar to help maintain position of thermocouple in the product during the process.

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