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Glass, aluminium, and steel heat treatment process

Developed for heat treatment processes up to 1472°F the PhoenixTM General Purpose Furnace Profiling System is perfect for applications such as windscreen bending, glass container annealing, steel spring tempering, aluminium brazing, etc. in the aluminium, glass, steel, and general heat treatment industries. In windscreen manufacturing plants the system can also be used to monitor temperatures in autoclaves where pressure and temperature are used to laminate the layers of glass and plastic.



When manufacturing springs for automobile suspension units, this system is often used in the tempering furnace to ensure that the correct degree of temper is achieved. The General Purpose Furnace Profiling System combines the TS01-125-1 thermal barrier, the PTM1-010 data logger, PhoenixTM Thermal View Plus software, and an RF telemetry option, together with a range of PhoenixTM mineral insulated thermocouples to give a robust, accurate, system which is ideal for everyday usage in many industrial heat treatment processes.

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