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Steel slab / billet / bloom reheat

Slab, billet, or bloom reheat trials, measuring stock temperature for comparison to mathematical model data, take time and effort to prepare and run. The PTM1-010 data logger, which gathers and stores the temperature data from the test slab, must be well protected from the fierce heat of the furnace. This is achieved by using the TS07 thermal barrier which has been designed to offer maximum protection for an extended period to cope with stoppages in the furnace (roll changes etc.) while the trial is under way.



The System combines the TS07-300-1 thermal barrier, with a choice of either a 10, or 20 channel PTM1 series high temperature data logger, and PhoenixTM Thermal View Plus software. Add to this system the range of high accuracy PhoenixTM MI thermocouples and you have a robust and accurate temperature monitoring system for the steel industry.

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