HTS06 - Aluminium solution treatment and age hardening (T6) processes

Phoenix Content 0008 PhoenixTM System Aluminium HTS06 HTS06 T6 System

After casting, products such as road wheels, cylinder heads, brake callipers, etc. are strengthened by solution treatment and age hardening (T6). This involves heating the aluminium castings to a specified temperature, quenching in water, then reheating. The PhoenixTM System has been developed specifically to monitor the entire T6 process.

This system is capable of running continuously through all three processes without interruption. In the quench the water tank is replenished and the outer insulation blanket will absorb water providing further protection during the age hardening process. The TS06 can provide protection at 550 °C for up to 20 hours.

Phoenix Content 0000 PhoenixTM T6 Application Set up

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