HTS08 - Aluminium Brazing (CAB and Vacuum)

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Working in the aluminium brazing industry where products such as radiators, condensers, heater cores, and oil coolers, etc. are manufactured, the HTS08 system has been developed to withstand the harsh conditions in CAB (controlled atmosphere brazing) furnaces where temperatures reach 600°C. This system consistently collects accurate temperature data from critical points around the product.

As the name of the process suggests the atmosphere in the furnace must be inert and devoid of water or oxygen. If such contaminants are present unwanted oxidation of the aluminium surface can be experienced and formation of highly corrosive Hydrofluoric acid (HF) from flux chemicals can be a risk to thru-process monitoring equipment.

The front-loaded data logger tray and metal construction limits exposure of insulation materials to potential HF corrosion. The barrier is available with an optimal nitrogen purge facility to reduce any risk of outgassing of O2 (g) into the furnace. Implementing such construction and set-up techniques barriers have been shown to run successfully for in excess of 2500 runs without issue.

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