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PhoenixTM 0000 TS27

The HTS27 thermal barrier range has been developed to provide a compact system to operate in a high temperature process where clearance inside the furnace is limited. The barrier solution is perfect for modern robot loaded rotary furnaces where either the system needs to be loaded by robot with the product being monitored or integrated within a test product.

In modern rotary hearth furnaces such as that shown temperature profiling using trailing thermocouples is impossible as the cables would wind up in the furnace transfer mechanism. Due to the central robot loading and unloading and elimination of charging racks/baskets the use of a conventional thru-process system is also a challenge.

To overcome the loading restrictions a unique TS27 thermal barrier was developed. Small enough to fit inside the cavity of the engine block the system allows automated robot loading of the complete combined monitoring system and product. The system is therefore capable of monitoring safely the complete T6 process including solution reheat, water quench and aging. The water tank design provides phased evaporation thermal protection to 550 °C for several hours To address a similar robotic loading issue the ‘Hump Back’ phase evaporative thermal barrier was developed. The shape of the barrier was designed to match the shape of the product being processed so that the robot gripper could pick up the barrier and product simultaneously and load them into the rotary furnace.

Custom designed TS27 thermal barriers can be offered for your specific automated process requirements.

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