Ceramics and Brick Manufacture

In the ceramic and brick industries high temperature kilns are used in the mass production of Building Products (brick and tile), Sanitary ware (toilets and sinks), Tableware (plates, teapots, vases etc) and Technical refractory (catalytic converters). The firing processes are typically up to 1200 °C / 2200 °F and can take up to several days. Comprising of continuous drying, pre-heating, firing and cooling phases the product temperature through-out is critical to both product quality and process efficiency in general.

Thru-process temperature profiling of product in Ceramic drying and firing kilns is critical the success of the production process;

  • Verify and optimize firing cycles by understanding the accurate product temperature, throughout the entire thermal process, to guarantee final product quality and minimize rejects.
  • Monitor production temperatures live using RF telemetry allowing, potential for even real time process adjustments, during a production run.
  • Use real process data to allow optimization of kiln efficiencies including push rate, energy usage and load capacities to maximize line profitability.
Phoenix Content 0025 PhoenixTM Ceramics System TS05 PTM1220
PhoenixTM Ceramics System TS05 & PTM1220 Brick

Tunnel Kiln System

Developed for ceramic applications the PhoenixTM TS05 Tunnel Kiln Profiling System is perfect for many ceramic firing processes.

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PhoenixTM Ceramics System Roller Hearth

Roller Hearth System (TS27/TS07)

Developed for ceramic applications monitoring the thermal profile of the ware, as it is fired in the roller hearth kiln. It operates without trailing thermocouples and travels, over ceramic rollers, through the kiln with the ware continually monitoring and storing the temperatures of the clay body and the environment.

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