TS05 - Tunnel and Shutle Kilns

Phoenix Content 0025 PhoenixTM Ceramics System TS05 PTM1220 v2

Tunnel Kiln System

Developed for ceramic applications the PhoenixTM TS05 Tunnel Kiln Profiling System is ideal for many ceramic firing processes. This system has been designed specifically for easy use in tunnel kilns where space is limited, durations are long, and temperatures beneath the kiln car can be high. The data logger is protected by a thermal barrier positioned under the kiln car with thermocouples running up through the kiln car base to strategic locations in the product stacks.

Thermal Barrier

The TS05 Thermal barrier is designed specifically to provide extended thermal protection required by long firing cycles. Employing phased evaporation technology, the TS05-120 can provide up to 32 hours protection at an under-car temperature of 250 °C. The thermal barrier has detachable thermocouple sockets allowing remote mounting. Thermocouples can be fitted quickly and easily to the installed thermal barrier reducing test set-up times significantly. Thermocouple lengths are minimised making handling easier and reducing thermocouple costs. The system also features the PTM1200 series high temperature data loggers which can accommodate twenty thermocouple channels in a single unit.

PhoenixTM Freistaller 0024 PhoenixTM TS05 120 Thermal Barrier
PhoenixTM 0005 PhoenixTM RF Repeater Unit v3

2-Way RF Telemetry

Due to the length of the firing process real time process monitoring can be desirable. Provided with the PhoenixTM system a two-way RF telemetry option offers the ability to monitor live process data direct from the kiln. Having a real time view of the product or kiln temperature at any moment allowing instantaneous identification of process problems and mid run process adjustments. The unique two-way communication protocol also allows full control of the data logger in process, permitting even remote start, stop, reset and download operations. The powerful network protocol used with the RF telemetry system allows remote repeater units to be positioned along the length of the Kin. Signal transfer along the repeater chain allows successful data transfer out of the kiln back to the monitoring PC / control room, possibly located a significant distance from the kiln. The repeater units are battery operated and wireless allowing them to be freely and easily positioned and moved to optimize performance without major infrastructure modifications and costs.


Complementing the Ceramic system, the Thermal View Plus software package provides full set-up of the PTM1200 data logger, review analysis and reporting of the firing temperature profile. The software also allows real time RF telemetry monitoring capability. With the powerful process template feature user defined kiln zones and kiln features can be created displaying how the temperature profile changes in each unique phase of the firing process. With such information problems can be quickly traced back to exact kiln locations or root cause (faulty burner in Zone 5).

PhoenixTM Thermal View Plus SW Ceramic Run
Phoenix Content 0012 PhoenixTM mineral insulated 3 mm Thermocouple located in brick stack


For Kiln firing applications Type K, N, B, R and S thermocouples in 1.5, 2 or 3mm diameter with miniature or standard thermocouple plugs can be provided. The thermocouples can be mechanically held, or retained in holes to record temperatures at critical points. All Phoenix TM thermocouples are manufactured using the highest quality materials and conform to ANSI MC96.1 special limits specification. For type K, mineral insulated thermocouples are generally the first choice. The thermocouples wires are insulated by magnesium oxide and protected by a high-grade alloy sheath. For special applications we can supply thermocouples with other insulation materials.

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