Classic Finishing System (FIS04)

Designed for the auto and auto parts industry, the PhoenixTM Classic Finishing System allows you to measure the exact temperature of your product with up to 20 thermocouples from a single data logger, as it passes through the curing oven. The silicone free design makes it perfect for use in coating applications, especially within the automobile industry.

The Classic Finishing System combines the TS04-113-1 thermal barrier, with a choice of a 6, 10, or 20 channel PTM1200 series data logger. Developed for coating applications the system is offered with PhoenixTM Thermal View Finishing software. The software allows full analysis and reporting with options of Phoenix Factor Cure Index or suite of graphical Cure tools. Add to this system a two-way RF Telemetry option, and the range of PhoenixTM thermocouples with their unique removable sensors, and you have a robust, accurate, system which can be  integrated into the quality procedures of a 'state of the art' automobile plant.

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