Compact Finishing System (Compact)

Designed for monitoring the paint and powder coat curing cycle in the finishing industry, the PhoenixTM Compact Temperature Profiling System measures the exact temperature of your product as it passes through the curing oven. The silicone free design makes it perfect for routine temperature profiling in coating applications, especially within the powder coating and paint finishing industry.

The Compact Temperature Profiling System combines the TS04-090-1 thermal barrier, the 6 channel PTM1-006 Compact data logger and PhoenixTM Thermal View software together with a range of PhoenixTM thermocouples to give a robust, accurate, system which is competitively priced.

As its name suggests the compact robust unit is not only ideal for the busy paint shop or custom coaters but a valuable tool for paint and powder sales and technical service reps providing a technical support service for their coating products. 

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