HTS03 Heat Treatment up to 1200 °C

Processes at temperatures over 1000 °C such as vacuum carburizing with high pressure gas quenches demand a high performance Thermal Barrier. A system must be capable of withstanding the rigours of thermal cycling and pressure changes to eliminate structural damage, shrinkage of insulation or distortion of metal work. PhoenixTM TS03 Thermal Barriers are designed to offer full protection to the data logger in these demanding conditions. TS03 barriers are constructed from a high temperature heat resistant alloy, high performance microporous insulation also fitted with extra heavy-duty catches, dual thermocouple exits and user replaceable thermocouple wear strips to help extend the life of the thermal barrier in these harsh environments.

Phoenix Content 0003 PhoenixTM System TS03 Octagonal Thermal Barrier in TUS Application
TS03 mit QD

For applications incorporating aggressive high-pressure gas quenches the barriers can be offered with robust independent quench deflectors. The barrier is protected from high forces so reducing risk of distortion and extending barrier life significantly. The deflector shield is supported on independent support legs so no force is transferred to the top of the thermal barrier.   Such barrier technology is ideal for performing temperature uniformity surveys in high temperature Vacuum furnaces with possible high pressure gas quenches (up to 20 bar).

To provide optimal space utilization of the Thermal Barrier in the TUS frame or product tray, maximizing thermal protection, the barrier can be provided in a unique octagonal form.  Special designs can be constructed for nonstandard applications.

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