17 months ago

PhoenixTM are pleased to announce the release of it’s latest version of Thermal View Survey Software V5.4.

PhoenixTM 'Thermal View Survey' is a powerful software package for recording and analysing TUS data from your furnace and oven surveys. The software is compatible with the complete PhoenixTM data logger range. Whether performing the TUS thru-process employing the travelling PTM1200 data logger protected within the appropriate thermal barrier for semi-continuous or continuous heat treat processes or stand-alone PTM4200 data logger for batch furnaces the software allows complete data logger set-up, real time data monitoring and full TUS analysis and reporting. The software has been developed to comply with all the necessary analysis and reporting requirements of AMS2750G or CQI-9 TUS pyrometry standards. Fully traceable and certified TUS reports can be easily and efficiently generated saving production time and freeing up your technical staff.

The new release adds new features to further help fully document specific requirements required by AMS2750G and make reporting even more efficient.

- Report Template feature allowing periodic TUS parameters and notation required by AMS2750G to be applied automatically.

- Max Min Temperature summary in TUS Table included to satisfy exactly AMS2750G requirement.

- Correction factors applied at each TUS level reported complementing correction factor data for data logger and thermocouples.