21 months ago

PhoenixTM launch the New PTM4220 external data logger range Stand-alone Data Logger used external to batch furnace for efficient TUS operations.

Designed specifically for use in the PhoenixTM Temperature Survey System range – Heat Treating industry requiring temperature surveying of batch Furnaces to satisfy AMS2750 and CQI-9 / CQI-12 TUS requirements.

The Data Logger being external to the furnace requires no Thermal Barrier with thermocouples passing from the Data Logger into the furnace heating chamber through either door recess or purpose designed thermocouple port. Designed for use with new Thermal View Survey Software (V5.2) for efficient, accurate compliant TUS reports.


  • 10 or 20 channel options with configurable thermocouple types.
  • Compact, lightweight and with adjustable orientation to fit test trolley.
  • Remote use with 1000 hour operation. (Alkaline replaceable batteries)
  • Hardwired, Blue Tooth or RF Telemetry Communication Options.
  • Standard or miniature thermocouple plug options providing quick reliable set-up. No screw terminals!
  • Accurate measurement with application of full data logger and thermocouple correction factors.