Profiling Software

PhoenixTM 'Thermal View' is a powerful software package allowing you to quickly and easily analyse data from your process. Screen layout is clear and using the enhanced control bar makes this a very easy package to operate, with all the analysis functions you will need.

The Thermal View software family is industry specific and is offered in a number of different application packages written specifically to provide analysis and reporting tools used in those industries.

Above all two key elements have been fundamental in the design of this software:

  • Simplicity. Too many software packages have functions built in that benefit only a few users and complicate the package for the majority. We have avoided this without compromising the available analysis in Thermal View.
  • Clarity. The software screen has been laid out so users can see what is really important to them – the profile of their oven, furnace, or kiln. The user interface is clearly laid out at the side of the         screen to give maximum space to the profile and calculation area.

When data is downloaded from the Data Logger, the results are saved in a database for easy access which can be organized in a logical manner using the multi column sorting facility. Process templates can then be constructed so the data can be overlaid against a backdrop which represents all physical points within your process.

The comprehensive analysis functions allow you to examine and assess all your critical process parameters in a fast uncomplicated way.

PhoenixTM software has all the essential functions you require to optimise and control your process.

Phoenix TM Thermal View Software Packages

Thermal View SW05

Generic standard Thermal View Software package providing simple means to control the data logger and review, analyse and report the temperature profile results.

  • Full Logger Programming Options
  • USB Real Time Analysis
  • Temperature Data
  • Time Above Temperature
  • Max, Min, Mean Temperature
  • Rise & Fall Slope
  • Reference Profile
  • On Screen Notes
  • Zooming Options (Full, Profile, Custom)
  • Database Management Tool
  • Product Library Files
  • Language Change Option
  • On Screen Help
  • PTM1200 Logger on Board Calibration Certificate
  • Graph Display Options
  • Thermocouple Alignment Function
  • Data Import and Export (CSV)
  • Import from PTM Mobile Format
  • Print Report Options
  • Customer Report - Company Logo

Thermal View Plus SW15

Advanced Thermal View Software package providing all the basics supplied in Thermal view but with more flexibility and power. The software is designed to allow more detailed documentation and interpretation of the raw profile data. Process files allow for each furnace/application  and all process/test information to be stored into a unique template file eliminating tedious parameter entry each and every run. The furnace template can be overlaid on the profile showing zone positions and setpoints, allowing matching of the profile features to furnace location.

Thermal View SW Functions +

  • RF & Bloetooth Real Time Analysis
  • Maximum Difference
  • Tolerance Curve
  • Merge Profile Data
  • Process Template Files
  • Product Library Files
  • Oven/Furnace Library Files
  • Oven/Furnace Settings Library Files
  • Password Security
  • Thermocouple and Logger Correction Factors

Thermal View Finishing SW45

The Thermal View Finishing software package has been specifically developed for use in the paint and coatings market. Analysis tools have been incorporated to allow accurate graphical and numerical analysis of whether the coating cure schedule (Time @ Temp) has been achieved to guarantee coating cure and its cosmetic and physical properties.

Thermal View Plus SW Functions +

  • Graphical Cure (Time @ Temp)
  • Graphical Cure (Cure Chart)
  • Product Library File + Cure Analysis
  • Phoenix Factor (Cure Index Value)
  • Profile Splitting (Manage multiple oven peaks)
  • Coating Library
Download datasheet [476 KB]

Thermal View Food SW35

The Thermal View Food software package has been specifically developed for use in the Food Processing market. Analysis tools have been incorporated to allow efficient HACCP validation of cooking and chilling processes. Graphical and numerical lethality analysis tools (Fo & Pu) allow efficient accurate confirmation of food safety.

Thermal View Plus SW Functions +

  • Lethality Calculations

Fo /Pu Data Table

  • Lethality Calculations

Fo/Pu Graph View

Download datasheet [483 KB]

Thermal View Survey SW25

The Thermal View Survey software package is a unique offering to allow temperature uniformity surveys (TUS) to be performed efficiently and easily. The software functionality has been developed to allow all analysis and reporting to comply to AMS2750 and CQI-9. Thermal View Survey software is supplied with Thermal View Plus software to allow thru-process analysis in addition to TUS.

Thermal View Survey Software SW25 V5.5

  • Full resolution to 0.1 °C and 0.1 °F 
  • Thermocouple and Instrument Correction Factors
  • Full temperature data at TUS levels
  • TUS temperature level library
  • TUS frame library & on-screen view
  • Temperature overshoot warnings
  • Password protection
  • Furnace class result at each level
  • Rounding Up/Down to ASTM E29 or IEC80000-1
  • On screen notes
  • Printed report compliant to ASM2750 / CQI-9
  • Export to CSV file
  • RF & USB real time analysis
  • On screen help
  • Database storage
  • Audit trail
  • TUS with up to 60 thermocouples
  • TUS report Template Files
Download datasheet [973 KB]