RF Telemetry

Live real time ‘Thru-process’ Temperature Profiling and Surveying (TUS)


The PhoenixTM PTM1200 data loggers can be offered with a RF Telemetry option to transmit temperature data via a RF signal from within the furnace. Live interrogation and analysis of this data using PhoenixTM Thermal View software allows processing decisions to be made instantaneously saving time, energy and possibly reducing rejects.

The ‘thru-process’ system RF Telemetry concept overcomes the technical challenges of monitoring in real time without trailing thermocouples.

Processes that require live real time data where Trailing Thermocouples won’t work & ‘Thru-process Telemetry’ is the only option!

  • Furnaces fitted with atmosphere locks
  • Vacuum furnaces where product transferred from chamber to chamber
  • Furnaces with front and rear doors that automatically open and close
  • Processes with integrated Quench (Water, Oil, Salt) which cannot be bypassed
  • Furnaces requiring automatic loading/retrieval of the product by robots
  • Processes in which product transfer involves rotating the product (tubes/logs)

TUS – Problems faced using long ‘Trailing’ Thermocouples eliminated by a ‘Thru-process’ telemetry system

  • Need to ‘wedge’ the door up, or ‘grooving’ out the hearth to get thermocouples out or thermocouples may get caught in furnace door.
  • Feeding thermocouples through the furnace may compromise operator safety.
  • Furnace often needs to be cooled, de-gassed and reheated to allow TUS frame installation extending TUS times.
  • Risk of excessive furnace downtimes (can be up to 24 hours) compromising productivity.
  • TUS almost impossible as part of standard production run
  • Thermocouples of excessive cable length increases cost especially for calibrated thermocouples.
  • Higher risk of thermocouple damage so potential aborted TUS run and costly rework.
  • Lot of technician’s time taken up managing TUS run and reporting.
  • Operation must be performed on production floor at furnace.

Full Live Data Retrieval and Remote Control of Data Logger

The PhoenixTM data logger equipped with a transmitter and high temperature antenna allows measured temperature data, to not only be stored in the logger memory, but to be simultaneously transmitted to a coordinator outside the furnace. The communication link is two way. Direct from the Thermal View Software package process data can be reviewed and analysed live and remote control of the data logger can be achieved even in the process (logger Status, Stop, Reset and even download).

No Missing Process Data Gaps

In many processes there are often situations where an RF signal can simply not escape the process (faraday cages, water or oil quenches) or where the monitoring PC is not available/ in range. Obviously, data gaps are not desirable so the PhoenixTM RF system offers a unique ‘catch up feature’. Automatic data retrieval of any previously missed data is implemented as soon as the RF signal is re-established.

RF signal optimization with portable modular RF network

RF routers are not hard wired and do not need external power so can be located exactly where needed, moved as needs change and transported within or from plant to plant with ease. Data transfer along a router chain allows data to be transmitted over long distances direct from furnace to a remote office where monitoring can be performed efficiently and in comfort. The PhoenixTM RF Telemetry system can be applied to either continuous or batch heat treat processes as shown in the schematic below. A repeater network can be configured to either allow monitoring of a long continuous furnaces, where repeaters are positioned at different zones, alternatively for TUS operations at different isolated independent batch furnaces.

RF DEck simple

RF Telemetry Specifications (Transmitter, Coordinator and Repeater)

Region Universal Europe Americas China
Router Model TXR1000-TX TXR1000-TE TXR1000-TU TXR1000-TC
Transmitter Model -TX -TE            -TU -TC
Coordinator Model TXR1001-TX TXR1001-TE TXR1001-TU TXR1001-TC
Frequency 2.4 GHz 868MHz 915 MHz  780 MHz
Power Output +3 dBm +5 dBm +5 dBm +5 dBm
Transmission Speed 250 Kbits/s 40 Kbits/s 40 Kbits/s 40 Kbits/s
Transmitter Power Source Batteries Batteries Batteries Batteries
Transmission Range 150m+ / 500 ft+ 300m+ / 1000ft+ 300m + / 1000ft+ 300m + / 1000ft+
Max No of Repeaters Up to 5 in Series
Dimensions 700 H x 122 W x 20 D (mm) / 2.75 H x 4.8 W x 0.8 H (inch)
Power Source (TXR1001): USB (From PC)
Power Source (TXR1000): 2 x ‘AA’ Alkaline replaceable batteries or USB mains power adaptor
Software required: SW15, SW25, SW35, SW45 (Not available with SW05)
Operating temperature range: -40 °C to +85 °C / -40 °F to +185 °F
Wall Bracket for TX1000: AC40-008