In thru-process temperature profiling the quality, and therefore value, of the profile data is greatly influenced on the ability to locate repeatedly the thermocouple tip at exactly where the measurement is required from product to product and run to run. For this reason, as products and applications vary PhoenixTM offer a comprehensive range of thermocouple designs. The design of the thermocouple and materials used in their construction are matched to the demands of the application. Whether needing a needle thermocouple to insert accurately into the core of a chicken portion or thermocouple that can be attached quickly yet reliably to the surface of a painted car body shell PhoenixTM can offer a solution.

All Phoenix TM type K thermocouples are manufactured to the highest quality standards and conform to the ANSI MC96.1 special limits specification. The insulation material and the plug terminations are colour coded to conform to the IEC 60584 standard.

Finishing Thermocouples

For low temperature Finishing applications (up to 250°C) such as paint and powder coat curing in the finishing industry, various types of thermocouples are available for either Air or Surface measurement.

The thermocouple construction is designed to withstand rough handling, the type K, PTFE insulated wires are triple wrapped with stainless steel braid, and have a final overall PTFE insulation.

Thermocouples for the finishing industry have a unique design of removable sensor (magnetic and clamp) so that when the insulated cable wears, it can be replaced without the need to buy a complete assembly. This results in significant consumable savings.

Feature benefits:

  • Accurate - ANSI MC96.1 ‘Special Limits’ specification (type K), Accuracy +/- 1.1 °C or +/0.4% Temperature reading *
  • Robust - PTFE Cable 7 Strand x 0.2 mm triple wrapped insulation, stainless steel braid, and outer PTFE insulation
  • Choice – Different thermocouple fixing methods and cable lengths to suit
  • Value - Replaceable thermocouple cable, reducing thermocouple replacement costs for clamp and magnetic thermocouples

(* whichever is greater)

Finishing Thermocouple range

Clamp Probe TC52 53

Clamp Probes (TC52/TC53)

General paint powder applications where product is non ferrous (eg: Aluminium extrusion). Available for surface or air measurement.

Magnetic Probes TC50 TC51

Magnetic Probes (TC50/TC51)

Ferrous substrates such as Car Body Shells. Available for surface or air measurement.


MiniMag Magnetic Probe (TC60)

Ferrous substrates such as Car Body Shells – Surface Measurement

  • Compact design to fit
  • Strong encapsulated magnet
  • Accurate and repeatable measurement
  • User replaceable cable
PhoenixTM Thermocouple Long Reach Clamp T C59

Long Reach Clamp (TC59)

Monitoring Aluminum body panels (Door, Hood, Roof).

Washer TC56 v3

Washer (TC56)

Permanently screwed to test body shell for routine repeat testing.

Exposed junction TC54

Exposed junction (TC54)

Taped onto or inserted directly into products of any material.

Fast Response Exposed Junction TC55

Fast Response Exposed Junction (TC55)

Idea for low thermal mass products (plastics). Self-Adhesive.

PhoenixTM Thermocouple High Temp Glass Fi bre TC68

High Temperature Exposed Junction (TC68)

Operate up to 500 °C ideal for high temp PTFE or high temp coating cure monitoring

Food Thermocouple Range (TC70, TC71, TC73 & TC76)

Food Needle Probes TC7x

For HACCP cook validation temperature measurement is required generally at the core of the food product. To perform such measurement a needle thermocouple is the optimal design. Needle thermocouples are designed to allow easy quick insertion into the product, offer rapid temperature response characteristics helping provide accurate temperature measurement, run after run. The needle can be supplied with collar options (straight or tapered) to help maintain the thermocouple measurement point in the product during the process run.

Thermocouple needles come in 40, 60 and 100mm length options to match product type and size to ensure that the sensor is accurately located in the core/cold spot.

  • Accurate

Type K – ANSI MC96.1 ‘Special Limits of Error’ 0 to 1250 °C = +/- 1.1 °C or +/- 0.4% *of reading

Type T - IEC EN 60584-2 ‘Class 1’ -40 °C to 125 °C = +/- 0.5 °C, 125 to 350 °C = +/- 0.4% * of reading

(* whichever is greater)

  • Robust - Triple wrapped insulation including stainless steel braid and outer PFA insulation fitted with bung to provide thermal barrier IP rating.
  • Choice – Different needle sizes (with or without collar) and cable lengths to suit product and cooker
  • Calibration - Type K thermocouple options designed so that they can be offered with a thermocouple certificate of calibration

Heat Treat Thermocouple Range

PhoenixTM Thermocouple Mineral Insulated

Mineral Insulated Thermocouples (Up to 1300 °C) TC22 & TC34

For high temperature applications (up to 1300°C) PhoenixTM supply a range of mineral insulated thermocouples terminated with a high temperature miniature plug. These thermocouples have an insulated hot junction to ensure maximum protection against electrical interference from heating elements within the furnace.

Diameters of the mineral insulated thermocouples range from 1.6 mm - for general purpose heat treatment applications to 3.0mm for slab and billet re-heat applications. For thicker 3mm MI thermocouples the thermocouple can be terminated with a PTFE tail to allow easy fitting into the Data Logger installed in the thermal barrier.

  • Accurate
    • ANSI MC96.1 ‘Special Limits’ specification (type K), Accuracy +/- 1.1 °C or +/0.4%
    • Option to include AMS2750G and CQI-9 compliant calibration certificate (1.6 mm and 2.0 mm diameter)
  • Robust
    • Temperature Up to 1000 ° - High temperature nickel-chromium-iron alloy (HT Alloy - Inconel®) providing resistance to corrosion and heat along with high strength and good workability.
    • Temperatures above 1000 °C - High Temperature alloy (UHT Alloy) thermocouple sheath.
    • High oxidation resistance and strength at temperatures up to 1250 °C.
  • Choice
    • MI diameter, length supplied with standard termination in the thermocouple plug or with a PTFE tail.

Glass Fibre Insulated Thermocouples
(250 to 800 °C) TC67

PhoenixTM Thermocouple High Temp Glass Fi bre TC68 v2

PhoenixTM supply a range of glass fibre sheathed exposed junction thermocouples terminated with a high temperature plug. This range of thermocouples are perfect for peak temperatures typically ranging from 250 to 800 °C. The glass fibre insulation provides a thermally stable robust thermocouple, but with flexibility allowing the thermocouple to be handled with ease and allow accurate and repeatable positioning of the exposed hot junction (HJ) at the exact measurement point on the product or in the oven/furnace environment.

  • Accurate - ANSI MC96.1 ‘Special Limits’ specification (type K), Accuracy +/- 1.1 °C or +/0.4%.
  • Robust – Operate up to 800 °C where PTFE cables are not an option.
  • Flexible - Easy to handle and secure to challenging products such as glass (glass attachment kit option)

Glass Attachment Kit AC40-002

PhoenixTM Thermocouple Glass Attachment K it bearbeitet

Glass Attachment Kit AC40-002

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