TUS Software

TUS Systems (AMS2750 & CQI-9)

Working in the automotive and aerospace industries, heat treaters are generally required to perform temperature uniformity survey of their heat treat processes, to CQI-9 or NADCAP / AMS2750 specifications. The operator needs to prove that at specific operating set-points the furnace achieves temperatures within a defined tolerance over the working volume of the furnace. 


To satisfy such requirements PhoenixTM has developed different solutions to allow customer choice and flexibility in their TUS operations.


Batch Furnace TUS

Through Process TUS Operation – The Thermal barrier protecting the data logger is loaded with the TUS frame safely and efficiently into the furnace. None of the problems faced with trailing thermocouples are experienced. Live real time surveying at each temperature set-point can be obtained by implementing the RF telemetry option available with the PhoenixTM data logger. From the extensive range of thermal barriers offered by PhoenixTM a system can be selected to protect against both the range of temperatures needing surveying but also potential high-pressures (Gas and Oil Quenches).

TUS Batch Furnace

Benefits of Through Process TUS over traditional trailing thermocouple TUS procedure

  • Minimum furnace downtime as system set-up independently of furnace
  • No need for furnace cool down delays as system can be installed into preheated furnace.
  • No need to manage Thermocouples through the furnace door as with trailing thermocouples
  • System can be taken through multiple sequential heater chambers in automated semi-continuous batch processing
  • Less disturbance to the production work flow

External TUS Operation

PhoenixTM offers the PTM4200 series of external data loggers 10-20 channel for static trailing thermocouple TUS operation if preferred to the Through Process approach. The data logger is fully compatible with Thermal View Survey software and can be configured with different thermocouple types to suit TUS requirements.

PTM4220 FRONT ON 900 x 600

Continuous Furnace TUS

For continuous conveyorized furnaces obviously the Through process TUS system is the obvious safe efficient choice over trailing thermocouples. It is recommended though that since the system travels through the furnace it is only necessary to monitor the temperature uniformity over a 2-dimensional plane/slice of the furnace ‘plane method’ rather than a 3 Dimension TUS frame as used in a static batch furnace.

Thermal View Survey Software SW25

To meet all CQI-9 and AMS2750 TUS analysis and reporting needs, PhoenixTM offer the powerful yet easy to use Thermal View Survey Software package. The software is designed to help operators with all aspects of the TUS procedure and make the process quick and efficient.

When using the PhoenixTM System with optional RF Telemetry, TUS data is transferred direct from the furnace back to the monitoring PC where at each survey level, temperature data can be monitored live, with Thermocouple and Logger correction factors applied. The Thermal View Survey software generates TUS reports which comply fully with the requirements of AMS2750 / CQI-9 standards.

Software Screen Shot TUS1 900 x 600

Features incorporated into the Thermal View Software to provide full TUS capability include the following;

AMS2750G Readability - Software provided with 0.1 °C / °C Resolutions complying fully with AMS2750G readability requirements (AMS2750G 2022-06 Section

TUS Level Library - Set-up TUS level templates for quick efficient survey level specification (Survey Temp °C/ °F, Tolerance °C/°F, Stabilization and Survey Times)

TUS Frames Library - Show clearly exact TUS Frame construction and probe location using Frame Library Template.

Logger Correction File - Create a logger correction file to compensate TUS readings automatically from the logger’s internal calibration file.

Thermocouple Correction File - Create the thermocouple correction file from the calibration certificate and use it to correct TUS readings directly.

TUS Result Table & Graph View - For each TUS Temperature level see from the graph or TUS table instantaneously full survey results with corrections made for Logger and Thermocouple correction Factors

Comprehensive Reporting – Instant reporting to AMS2750 and CQI-9 requirements

Furnace Class Reporting - Report the specified Furnace Class at each Temperature level.