Aluminium heat treatment

In today’s manufacturing market aluminium is increasingly becoming the material of choice being lighter, safer and
more sustainable. Manufacturers looking to replace existing materials with aluminium are needing new methodology to prove that new thermal processing of aluminium parts and products is done to specification, efficiently and economically. Helping with this need PhoenixTM offers a range of Temperature profiling solutions designed specifically for applications in the Aluminium manufacturing market.
TS06 Brochure Photo 50 ppi
PhoenixTM System – Aluminium HTS06

HTS06 Aluminium solution treatment and age hardening (T6) processes

After casting, products such as road wheels, cylinder heads, brake callipers, etc. are strengthened by solution treatment and age hardening (T6). This involves heating the aluminium castings to a specified temperature, quenching in water, then reheating. The PhoenixTM HTS06 System has been developed specifically to monitor the entire T6 process.

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Phoenix Content 0002 PhoenixTM System Aluminium HTS08 HTS08 Aluminium Brazing
PhoenixTM System – Aluminium HTS08

HTS08 Aluminium Brazing (CAB and Vacuum)

Used in the aluminium brazing industry where products such as radiators, condensers, heater cores, and oil coolers, etc. are manufactured, the HTS08 system has been developed to withstand the harsh conditions in CAB (controlled atmosphere brazing) furnaces where temperatures reach 1112°F. This system consistently collects accurate temperature data from critical points around the product.

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PhoenixTM 0004 PhoenixTM System Aluminium HTS57 TS57 Rotating Thermal Barrier
PhoenixTM System – Aluminium HTS57

HTS57 Aluminium Log Homogenization

 After casting, aluminium logs are homogenised before being supplied to extrusion companies. The walking beam process is demanding not only due to the long durations (up to 13 hours at 1076 °F but the fact that the profiling system has to rotate with the log and therefore needs to be the same form as the log with the same diameter or less. The PhoenixTM TS57 rotating cylindrical barrier design meets the demands of the process.

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PhoenixTM 0000 TS27
PhoenixTM System – Aluminium HTS27

TS27 Space Limiting Automated Rotary Furnaces

The HTS27 thermal barrier range has been developed to provide a compact system to operate in a high temperature process where clearance inside the furnace is limited. The barrier solution is perfect for modern robot loaded T6 rotary furnaces where either the system needs to be loaded by robot with the product being monitored or integrated within a test product.

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