Steel heat treatment

In the steel processing industry heat treatment is critical in both the primary processing of raw materials slab, billet, ingots and secondary processing of the final steel fabricated products (eg: carburized automotive gear parts) used in many different industrial market sectors.

Whether heat treating primary or secondary steel temperature monitoring and control is critical to the product quality, process efficiency, productivity and product yield.

In such heavy steel processing applications thru-process temperature monitoring is not, as you can imagine, the easiest of operations but employing years of experience in such markets PhoenixTM have developed a range of unique innovative application specific technical solutions. Such solutions are rugged, safe, reliable and used by many global customers to understand, control, improve and validate their steel heat treatment processes with confidence.

Phoenix Content 0016 PhoenixTM HTS07 Steel Slab Application
PhoenixTM HTS07 Steel Slab Application

HTS07 Steel Slab and Billet Reheat

The PhoenixTM HTS07 ‘thru-process’ temperature profiling system has been designed specifically to allow comprehensive monitoring of the entire slab/billet furnace reheat process. Offering up to 20 thermocouple inputs using the PhoenixTM high temperature PTM1-220-HT data logger temperatures can be measured at the surface, centre and base of the product at various positions along its length


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Phoenix Content 0014 PhoenixTM HTS12 system entering the Sealed carburizing Furnace
PhoenixTM HTS12 system for Gas carburizing with Oil Quench

HTS12 Sealed Gas Carburizing with Integral Oil Quench

The unique HTS12 system has been designed to meet the demands of continuous sealed carburizing furnaces with an integral oil quench. Commonly used for heat treating of automotive parts such as gears etc monitoring of the complete process, including the oil quench, is critical to prevent part distortion and ensure carbon diffusion is performed to specification.


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