4 years ago

New PhoenixTM Optic System

PhoenixTM has complemented its existing range of ‘Thru-process’ temperature profiling systems with the exciting innovative new “Optic system” for use in continuous Brazing furnaces. The unique system allows for the first-time process engineers to view the inner workings of the furnace under normal production conditions. Travelling through the furnace, with the products being processed, the Optic system gives a product’s eye view of the entire heat treatment journey. The unique Optic thermal barrier has been designed to provide thermal protection for both 4K high definition video camera and high temperature torches, providing an independent light source to ensure picture quality and definition. The resulting video “Optical Furnace Profile” show process engineers so much about how their process is operating without any need to stop, cool and dismantle the furnace. This allows safe routine furnace inspection without any of the problems of costly lost production and days of furnace down time. From the video evidence, the root cause of process problems, possibly already highlighted by running the PhoenixTM temperature profile system, can be identified accurately and efficiently. Furnace structural damage or faulty furniture such as recirculating fans, control thermocouples or heater elements can be detected. Buildup of unwanted flux within the furnace can be monitored allowing accurate service and clean down schedules to be planned preventing future unplanned costly line stoppages. Damage or distortion of the conveyor belt compromising the safe smooth transfer of product through the furnace can be isolated with accuracy helping reduce corrective action turnaround times. Backed up with efficient local service and technical support the PhoenixTM Optic system is a valuable new addition to the process or maintenance engineers PhoenixTM tool kit.