5 years前

New PhoenixTM Thermal View Software …………New Paint Cure Analysis Power


PhoenixTM has released a new version of Thermal View Finishing software complimenting it range of thru-process temperature profiling systems used in the Coating industry. The Finishing software brings some significant new analysis and reporting features designed specifically for temperature monitoring paint and powder cure processes.

The new software is compatible with the PTM1200 FIS Finishing system, PTM1006 Compact system and new PTM1410 ATEX certified system.

To its existing Graphical cure analysis suite, the new Phoenix Factor calculation has been added. The calculation provides an accurate means of quantifying a coatings total cure by comparing the complete temperature profile data set directly against the coating suppliers cure schedule. Based on the time temperature relationship of the coating cure reaction the level of cure (degree of cross linking), so coating cure performance, can be accessed.  The single Cure Index value is accurate yet easy to set-up and interpret. Employing the new Coating Library feature for each coating a library file can be generated. All necessary parameters for the application of Phoenix Factor or Cure Chart analysis are stored in the coating file, removing the need for tedious parameter entry each and every run.

To assist automotive paint operations in which multiple ovens are profiled in a single profile run a simple but effective Profile Splitting tool has also been incorporated. From a single profile trace containing multiple oven peaks

(eg: Ecoat, Primer Surfacer and Top Coat) the splitting tool allows selection and segregation of separate oven files allowing detailed analysis and reporting of each key coating process individually.

Backed up with efficient local service and technical support the PhoenixTM Finishing systems are a valuable and important addition to any paint process engineers Coating QA tool kit.

For additional information, please contact Dr Steve Offley at +44 (0) 1353 223100; +44 (0) 7890 197636, steve.offley@phoenixtm.com