5 лет назад

New PhoenixTM ATEX Certified Finishing System for the Automotive Paint Market

PhoenixTM has complemented its existing range of ‘Thru-process’ Finishing temperature profiling systems with the new FIS04 ATEX system. The system has been developed specifically for use in automotive paint plants, where paint engineers face ever more demanding challenges of ATEX classification requirements, for safe operation of monitoring systems. At the heart of the PhoenixTM FIS04 ATEX system, the Intrinsically Safe PTM1410 Epsilon-x data logger provides a temperature monitoring system certified to Group II Category 3G allowing safe operation in Zone 2 ATEX classified areas (eg: paint booth, flash off zone and cure oven). Providing up to 10 points of measurement, the system allows paint processes to be monitored accurately and effectively. Thermal View Finishing software supplied with the system has been written specifically for paint processing applications, with unique graphical cure analysis tools for verifying process compliance with ease. Inside the process the data logger is protected by the TS04-105 silicone free thermal barrier, which provides thermal protection at 200 °C for over 3.5 hours, allowing accurate safe ATEX operation. Such protection capability allows multiple paint cure processes to be, efficiently monitored, sequentially in one single profile run (Ecoat, primer, top coat etc). Backed up with efficient local service, calibration and technical support the PhoenixTM ATEX system is the ideal safe, regulatory compliant (ATEX Cert: ExVeritas 19 ATEX 0472X), paint cure temperature monitoring option.