HTS02 Heat Treatment up to 1000 °C

Temperatures up to 1000 ° C, carburizing atmospheres and high temperature gradients place very high demands on the thermal barrier. Based on the TS01 systems, PhoenixTM has developed the TS02 series with special materials and a complex design to minimize distortion that meet these requirements for product profiling and TUS (CQI-9 & AMS2750).

The thermal barrier is designed for high temperature atmospheric and vacuum heat treatment where thermal and pressure cycling are a challenge.  The system consists of TS02 Thermal Barrier, a PhoenixTM PTM1200 data logger and the Thermal View software. Depending on your requirements, the system can be equipped with 10 or 20 channels be equipped with a RF radio telemetry option ideal specifically for real time TUS operations.

Phoenix Content 0004 PhoenixTM System TS02 Thermal Barrier in TUS Application
Phoenix Content 0005 PhoenixTM System TS02 Thermal Barrier in TUS Application 2

For low pressure carburizing a quench deflector option is available to protect the thermal barrier from damage and distortion from high pressure gas quenches.

With the ever-increasing move to automated low volume vacuum furnaces where space limited product trays or basket are moved from vacuum chamber to quench chamber by robot PhoenixTM can even offer compact high-performance thermal barrier solutions such as the TS02-128 with an independent quench deflector option. The TS002-128 is only 128 mm high yet provides close to 1 hour protection at 800  °C.

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